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Award winning farm shop - Low Sizergh Barn

Farm shop

Food tastes better when it is grown and produced with passion and that’s exactly what you will find in our farm shop. Cool creamy milk, fresh morning bread, delicious meat from locally reared animals, vegetables fresh from the ground and the farm's free range eggs with rich yellow yokes. Remember those?


We were very chuffed to receive an accolade from The British Cheese Awards. Low Sizergh Barn is one of only 200 shops & restaurants in the country to be highly recommended for a great selection of British cheese. We have a big gold badge in the cheese counter to show off our new status. Pride of place goes to the three cheeses made with milk from our herd by Chris Sandham of Rostock Dairy: Kendal Creamy, Kendal Crumbly and Kendal Crumbly with Red Onion. 

Kendal Creamy was awarded a National Trust Fine Farm Produce Award in 2015. A panel of 12 food and drink experts, including the Selfridges food team, commented on the smooth, fine creaminess of Kendal Creamy and described it as “robust, with a strong, natural flavour”. National Trust Fine Farm products not only have to excel in the obligatory taste test, but entrants to the awards also have to pass a checklist of environmental standards to guarantee the quality and origin of ingredients alongside high standards of production.


Since the farm shop opened in 1991 we have been an outlet for fully traceable meat from local farmers, game keepers and butchers. It’s no wonder that the beef, lamb, pork is so popular, and even better that rare breeds like the middle white pig are being bred to accommodate demand for people that take a keen interest in the provenance of their meat.

Fruit and veg

The produce section is extensive and glorious. Every season seems to bring a new selection of colourful, tasty vegetables to the shelves. There’s everything you’d need and lots more you’d want. Bags of mixed salad leaves from the polytunnels on the farm are an instant hit (especially in winter when Growing Well put spicy mizuna in the mix)

And the rest!

Drinks, the deli counter, preserves grocery – whatever you need for a full shop – picnic or dinner party, with lots of local flavours for your delectation.

Award winning cheese counter

Low Sizergh Barn’s extensive cheese counter has been recognised as one of the top 200 in the country by the British Cheese Awards. Our cheese selection begins at home – our 3 Kendal cheeses are made with milk from our herd.

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