fairy trail near kendal

Fairy doors

The little folk on the farm have some new doors. 12 of them. Each showing a type of plant or flower that grows around Low Sizergh.

This is a new part of our farm trail, created to help people of all ages to remember the magic at their feet as they explore.

Pick up a fairy tick list from the farm shop and see if you can find all 12 doors. You might also see some of the plants and flowers growing nearby.

fairy trail near kendal

Farm flowers

All of the plants and flowers featured on the fairy doors grow around our farm. If you see them growing, why not take a picture and add it to the Woodland Trust nature survey? They track the effects of weather and climate change on wildlife and you can help their scientists to discover the answers to questions such as:

What effect has recent weather had on wildlife? Does climate change affect timings in nature? 

The Woodland Trust survey is the UK’s biggest record of the changing seasons, with over 4,400 nature-watchers noting down the behaviour of 70 species of plants, animals and fungi. From the first ladybird to the last oak leaf, let them know what’s happening by using their Nature’s Calendar website.

You can plot your findings from your visit to our fairy and flower trail near Kendal, upload your photos and view them instantly on the live map. You can also check out what other recorders are spotting in the UK.

Your records are an invaluable source of information for researchers across the world trying to understand the impact of climate change.

Farm Trail

You’re very welcome to extend your fairy and flower walk and complete the free farm trail. It takes you through the farm’s fields and into the woods – passing the cows and hens in the fields, the vegetable plots at Growing Well, and the fruit trees in the orchard.

There is a huge variety of plant, animal and bird life here at Low Sizergh, which changes with the seasons and co-exists with the livestock. As you walk the trail, which is just under 2 miles, you’ll learn more about how our natural and holistic farming principles are put into practice on this beautiful farm.