The Corpse Roads of Cumbria




The Corpse Roads of Cumbria, Alan Cleaver & Lesley Park

Winner of Lakeland Book of the Year 2019.

Criss-crossing the Cumbrian landscape are many trods, paths, lonnings and other ancient trackways. Included among these are several corpse roads.

The enigmatic name hints at their curious origins. These paths were used until the 18th Centruy to transport coffins from remote villages to the ‘mother’ church – often many miles away. Eventually, villagers petitioned for their own churches but the corpse roads remained in people’s memories. A few are still marked on Ordnance Survey maps and are even signposted but others are just half-remembered legends.

Alan Cleaver and Lesley Park have researched these paths in the hope of reviving an interest in these most ancient routes.

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