Louise and hen

Children at LSB

Free range kids

We’re supporting the Sustrans Free Range Kids campaign to help all children to explore, play outdoors, and experience freedom. This page is all about the opportunities for children to be free range right here at Low Sizergh Barn.

Cast your mind back to your childhood. What are the memories that bring a smile to your face? Riding your bike, exploring new, unfamiliar places, being out and about with friends? Probably, because these are the things that today’s adults enjoyed as children, with 70% experiencing most of their adventures outdoors.

Contrast this with today’s children. Top of their list is also playing on their bikes and exploring new and unfamiliar places. But only 29% are experiencing adventures outdoors.

Go free range at Low Sizergh Barn

1. Enjoy a family walk

The farm trail is ideal for those of you wanting to go free range and enjoy a bit of nature’s playground. Why not encourage the children to run on ahead and see which of the species in our monthly guide they can spot? The farm trail and farm trail map download are free of charge.

2. Cycle to us

There’s plenty of bike racks, lots of space to explore and play, and we are a tap water stop so you can top up your bottles ready for the ride home.

3. Play a game while you are here

Stuck in the Mud is one of our favourites for running off energy. Choose someone to be ‘It’. Decide on the boundaries of your playing area. The It player chases after the other players and tries to tag them. If a player is tagged, they are stuck in the mud and have to stand still with their legs apart and their arms outstretched. Players can release a ‘stuck’ player either by crawling through his or her legs or walking under their arms. Players are safe while they do this – but can be tagged immediately before or after releasing someone. Play continues until everyone has been tagged. Alternatively, if someone is tagged twice they become the new It. If lots of people are playing, it is a good idea to have more than one It.

Children’s video

Have you ever wondered where milk comes from and how it gets from the cows to your milk bottles and cartons? Or what a farmer’s job is? Did you know that eggs can be very different colours and sizes but still taste delicious?Our video for children answers all of these questions and shows the connection between food, farming and the countryside. You’ll see Farmer Richard and his family looking after the animals, milking the cows and collecting the eggs laid by our hens. And you’ll be introduced to some of our cows too—look out for Nina!