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Lambing, April 2022

Lambing, April 2022

At about 2 days old the lambs are returned to the field with their mums. The fellside fields are sheltered...

Exploring Nature on our Free Farm Trail

Our free farm trail is a great place for little legs to go on a wild adventure. Play peep eye...

Low Sizergh Spring Turnout, March 2022

The cows are out! This is the earliest by 4 days that the cows have gone out to grass after...

Low Sizergh Farm Organic Milk

Follow the journey of our organic raw milk from grass to cow, udder to the milking parlour, raw milk vending...

Low Sizergh Barn Cows Going Out, March 2021

Yesterday was one of the earliest dates for spring turnouts (just beaten by 2014 when they were out for only...

Cow Collars

As the sun begins to dry the fields and boost the growing grass, we give the cows an upgrade of...

Meet the Low Sizergh Organic Herd

A quick guide to the family dairy herd here at Low Sizergh Barn. We take you from field to milking...