Autumn apples fresh from our orchard

The flavour of autumn is wholly captured by the trusty apple. We have four great varieties in the farm shop now – recently picked from the farm’s orchard they each have admirable characteristics…

Duke of Devonshire – a Cumbrian apple through and through. Developed by the head gardener at Holker Hall in 1835, this is an eating apple with a firm fine texture, dry flesh and a slightly nutty flavour.

Beauty of Moray – a cooking apple with its origins in Scotland, it was first recorded as a variety in 1883. Green and smooth skinned with a crisp white flesh this apple cooks to a smooth and strongly flavoured puree.

White Melrose – this apple was first recorded in 1831 being grown by the monks of Melrose Abbey in Roxburgh. It tends to be a larger sized apple and is ideal for cooking; it has no pips.

Galloway Pippin – considered a dual purpose apple, the Galloway Pippin is a hardy variety that originates from Wigton in SW Scotland. We think its merits as a cooking apple outweigh its attractions as an eater.

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