Bread matters

I am a member of the Real Bread Campaign, which doesn’t need a lot of explaining. This week I received from them some bright yellow stickers printed: ” WARNING!!! This bread may be made using the following: …” list of scary words follows … “amylase, hemicellulase, phospholipase… the law says bakers don’t need to declare them….Digusted? visit

There’s a disclaimer that says the stickers are only for use in your own home, and that if you stick them to the wrappers of factory bread, supermarket shelves or advertising posters you do so at your own risk. I wonder if there will be bread enthusiasts up and down the country participating in a bit of direct action.

Staff of Life in Kendal are local Real Bread Campaign baker members. Simon and Julie’s bread comes in to Low Sizergh Barn every Friday  — bread that is so full of flavour it’s a feast in itself. The Watermill at Little Salkeld is also a baker member, and we stock a good range of their flours for home bakers.

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