Bringing in the maize

For the first time in 12 years we grew maize. Farmers all over the UK are saying this has been the worst crop in 15 years. The dry windy conditions in May and early June stunted the newly germinated seedlings, and then summer’s abundant rain further limited growth.The important part of the plant is the cob, rather than the dead -looking stalks you see in fields at this time of year. It is a slow release energy food for cows in winter. When the contractor came with the harvester this week we were pleased to hear that our crop is one of the best of a fairly poor lot that he has cut this season.Thankfully, harvesting conditions were excellent. A dry day meant carting down the busy A591 dual carriageway didn’t create a mud hazard. We had invested in a road brush just in case, and were very pleased to leave it in the shed.

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