damson gin recipe

Damson gin

The process of creating damson gin is easy and reaps tasty rewards, but it does require patience – and a good gin. We have some excellent distilleries here in Cumbria; our choice for this recipe is Ulverston’s Shed 1. Their Fancy Frolic gin really comes into its own when mixed.

450g damsons
600ml gin
450g sugar (325g for a sharper taste)

Prick the damsons with a skewer (today some briefly freeze or crush them instead to save time and trouble), put them into a jar, add the sugar and gin, seal the lid.
Shake from time to time to dissolve the sugar.
After a month or two (or more) when the gin has turned deep red, strain through a fine cloth (or a coffee-filter paper) until perfectly clear, then bottle for use.

Recipe from Traditional Food in Cumbria by Peter Brears, available in the farm shop shippon, £20


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