Seville orange, rum and ginger marmalade

It’s January and Seville oranges are briefly in season. Now is the time to whip up a batch of marmalade to see you through to next year. This recipe adds ginger and rum for a warming twist.


Makes about 7 x 340ml jars

1kg Seville oranges
juice of 1 lemon
2kg granulated sugar
75-100g of finely chopped root ginger
5 tablespoons of dark rum


Squeeze the orange juice into a very large bowl – pips go on the gauze and fleshy bits go in the bowl.

Once squeezed, scrape out the membranes and place on the gauze. Shred the remaining peel into thin shreds and place it in the bowl.

Gather the gauze into a bag shape, twist and tie the top with string leaving one long end to attach to the pan handle. Put the gauze bag into the bowl. Add 2.25l of cold water, cover with cling film and leave overnight in a cool place.

Next day, tip the bowl into a jam pan, tie the bag to the handle and simmer over a low-medium heat for approx 1.5 hours until the peel is really soft.

Remove the bag from the pan. Squeeze the lemon juice into the mix, add the sugar and ginger and stir over a low heat until the sugar is dissolved. Add 3 tablespoons of the rum.

Scoop any pips out, sterilise your jars, and put a few saucers in the freezer for the wrinkle test.

Boil the marmalade for 20–25 minutes or until it reaches setting point. Use the wrinkle test. Stir in the remaining rum and leave the marmalade to settle for 15 minutes.

Jar, seal and cool before labelling and storing in a dry cool place, where it will keep for at least a year.

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