Sizergh sermon

How about this for an unusual marketing plug? The following email is from Cannon Richard White of Liverpool Cathedral (which arrived at the same time as a delivery of Jerusalem artichokes from Growing Well – timing that made me smile anyway):

“About ten days ago we visited Low Sizergh Barn, one of our favourite coffee shops.

While there I whispered in my wife’s ear “let’s go for a coffee” only to find that it wasn’t her at all but one of your team!

I’m afraid I didn’t get her name but she took it in really good humour. I thought she might be further amused to discover that I, the strange man who asked her for coffee, have a “day job” as a Canon at Liverpool Cathedral and used the incident to introduce my sermon at the cathedral the following Sunday together with a plug for Low Sizergh Barn… so it was good marketing!

If you’re interested it’s the first few minutes of this recording – don’t bother with the rest of the sermon it was one of my more boring ones.

I reckon I’ll be more alert next time we come.”

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