Taste Cumbria Gold Champion

Our Kendal Creamy cheese was declared a Taste Cumbria Gold Champion at the 2013 Cumbria Life Food and Drink Awards.

cheesemakerThere were big grins all round, not least from yellow welly-wearing cheese maker Chris Sandham.


When asked why he thought the cheese had won, farmer Richard bowed to the cheese making expertise of Rostock Dairy, where the cheese is made. But he was also justifiably proud of the raw material – milk from the farm’s herd.


We have cross-bred cows with Holstein, Swedish Red and Montbeliard lines. The latter is a French breed that’s popular with French cheese makers because it produces the right kind of milk for cheese making.

Farmers have their milk tested for quality very regularly, and we know that ours is 3.4% protein and 4.3% butterfat – excellent numbers for a cheese milk.

Our cows live indoors in winter, eating the silage that was made from the grass last summer. Heavy rainfall meant that the grass crop for the silage was cut later than usual, and mature grass contains more fibre, which increases the butterfat content of the milk, which in turn makes good cheese.

At Rostock Dairy three generations of cheese making skill goes into the production of Kendal Creamy. Chris says he adheres faithfully to the tacit rules of care, quality and tradition.

In the picture below the curds have been cut and piled up and the whey will drain down the channel. Kendal Creamy is ready to eat after 10-12 weeks when it develops the perfect combination of texture and flavour.


We’re very proud that Kendal Creamy was such a hit with the judges in the Cumbria Life Food and Drink Awards; the cheese was given enough points to become one of 11 Champion products in the county.

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